Oilfield Pipe Sales

Down Hole Pipe
Since 1951, we have met the oilfield pipe needs of our customers in South Texas and beyond.

We offer both new and used, tubing, surplus pipe, and specialty pipe with API, semi-premium and premium connections. Our pipe is available in various weights and grades thus suitable for most oilfield down hole environments including sweet service, corrosive service, high collapse, and extreme tensile and torque applications. Our typical used pipe inventory includes the following steel grades: J55, N80, L80, HCL80, P110, HCP110, Q125, S135, and various chrome tubing.

Our used oilfield pipe undergoes a thorough pipe reclamation process that includes cleaning, inspection, full-length drifting, and hydrostatic testing to provide the highest level of quality at a cost significantly lower than the new equivalent.

Structural Pipe
We also sell used structural pipe with a wide range of outer diameters and wall thicknesses. Our structural pipe is typically comprised of oilfield tubing and casing that is no longer suitable for down hole use but ideal for applications such as fence posts, building structural components, and drain culverts.