Fishing Services

War Horse Fishing & Rental Tools, Inc. offers comprehensive fishing services to recovering lost or stuck equipment in the wellbore.  These comprehensive fishing services extend from planning and development procedures to successful execution on location.  War Horse utilizes a broad array of industry standard and proprietary fishing tools, procedures, and techniques combined with a proven safety track record to provide the best quality results.

Rental Tools

War Horse Fishing & Rental Tools, Inc. offers a full line of high-quality, well-maintained fishing tools, pipe handing tools, power swivels, bailers, and other rental tools available to our customers and other service companies.  Our inventory of rental tools is maintained, inspected, and ready for immediate dispatch to location.  Our experienced personnel are available to accompany our rental tools for technical assistance or fishing operations.  In addition to our vast inventory of rental tools, War Horse also offers workstring tubing rentals.